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Tandem-Axle Air Ride Dual Air Booster Specifications

Description Specification
Length Approximately 18' 6"
Width 8' 6"
Main flanges High-tensile steel
Main web High-tensile steel
Cross-members Fabricated
Suspension TA-250-14 air ride
Axles Self-steer
Boost system Eight-airbag lift system with common air and adjustable air capacity
Seals Oil
Hubs and drums 10-stud unimount or Dayton with cast hubs and drums
Brake pots Spring
Slacks Automatic
S-cams 10-spline
Brakes 16-1/2"
Wheels 10-hole unimount, 22.5 x 8.25, steel or aluminum
Tires 275/70R22.5 Michelin XTY
Dolly legs Crank-down telescopic
Front end Detachable adapter to allow quick changing to fit several styles of trailers
Air system Regulation CMVSS
Electrical Regulation sealed beam lighting
Paint Sandblasted, primed and painted with Endura plastic paint

Additional Information

Release valve – Maxi release valve

Steering dump – Auto steering dump



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