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Peerless Logo Single-Axle Self-Steer Rear Ramp Connection Booster 1015

Single-Axle Self-Steer Rear Ramp Connection Booster 1015 Specifications

Description Specification
Weight Approximately 3800 lb. (1730 kg)
Design T-1 fabricated frame with built-in funnel to fit Peerless 30" beavertail lifting rings for loading booster, 3.5 m length booster
Suspension Peerless four-bag air suspension combined with trailing beams, common air line to trailer air suspension to provide equal axle load
Axles (4) Ingersol self-steering axle, 16-1/2" x 7" brakes rated 22,500 lb., hydraulic steering damper, Haldex automatic slack adjusters
Mud flaps Peerless 24" rubber
Sign pockets Pockets on back of light box for wide-load sign
Air system CMVSS-approved
Electrical CMVSS-approved, with LED lamps
Paint Cleaned, sandblasted, primed, and painted with one colour



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