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Construction Tilt Deck Specifications

Description Specification
Length Approximately 45'
Width 9' 6"
Working deck Approximately 34'
Main flanges High-tensile steel
Main web High-tensile steel
Cross-members Steel I-beam
Suspension Single-point leaf spring (air ride optional)
Axles D22 77" track
ABS 2S1M ABS system
Seals Oil
Hubs and drums Three-spoke Dayton-style
Brake pots Spring
Slacks Automatic
Cams 10-spline S-cam
Brake lining 12-1/4" x 7-1/2"
Wheels 17.5 x 6.75 Dayton-style
Tires 235/75R17.5 Michelin XTE-2
Coupler 2" solid kingpin on 18" setting
Coupler height 52"
Dolly legs Telescopic
Deck locks Air-operated
Tilt mechanism Air-assisted
Tie-downs On each cross-member where possible
Fenders Aluminum checker plate fenders on neck
Decking 3" rough fir decking round pipe flag holders on all four corners and D sign holder on rear
Air system Regulation CMVSS system
Electrical Regulation LED beam lighting on rear
Paint Sandblasted, primed and painted with Endura plastic paint