Peerless - Running Bird
Peerless Logo 85-Ton, 16-Wheel Jeep, 32-Wheel Steering Dolly

16 Wheel Jeep

14' 3" inter-axle spacing 
2 position King Pin
10’6” wide
Sliding 5th wheel assembly
275/70R22.5 Tires
Holland Landing Legs
Optional fenders on gooseneck

85 Ton Lowbed

Narrow neck  frame design
85 Ton capacity over 15 ft.
Lightweight removeable gooseneck
29” deck height
11’ wide
Rear gooseneck for steering dolly
Pin joint at rear of main deck
Optional deck extensions
Optional hydraulic gooseneck
Optional deck heights
Optional power tower on rear gooseneck

32 Wheel Steering Dolly

Drop frame assembly with 38” frame height
14'4" inter-axle spacing  
56” axle spacing
10’ 6”overall width
Mechanical steering linkage on turntable steering axles
Operated as  rear steer
Ability to switch from automatic to manual steer
Greaseable center bearing
275/70R22.5 Tires
Electric start hydraulic power source mounted in sealed box
Optional fenders