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24-Wheel Low-Profile Oilfield Float Specifications

Description Specification
Capacity 150,000 lb. distributed over 20', 130,000 lb. distributed over 12'
Length 53' overall length
Width 10' 8" frame width, 10' 6" at tires
Height 46" deck height
Weight Approximately 33,000 lb. (15,000 kg)
Suspension Patented Peerless, 90,000 lb.-capacity fabricated air ride suspension complete with dump valve and suspension pressure gauges mounted in sealed box
Axles (6) Ingersol F22, 38" track axles with 16-1/2" x 7" S-cam brakes (rated 22,500 lb. per axle), type 20 brake chambers, grease hubs, and steel hubcaps
Hubs (12) 20" x 6" spoke hubs complete with cast brake drums
Wheels (24) Tubeless rims, 7.5 x 22.5 pre-painted white
Tires (24) 275/70R22.5 Michelin XTY-2, 18-ply
Pick-up nose Heavy-duty pick-up nose complete with tail chain anchors
Nose rollers (4) Cast 7" rollers mounted in front nose forming behind pick-up nose, located for 64" and 68" centres
Pin pockets 1-5/8" ID heavy-duty pin pockets mounted in standard locations
Tow lugs (4) Installed in front of suspension and ahead of landing legs
Decking 2-1/2" dressed fir 1/4" above main rails, rough side up; 3/8" steel plate over outside tires
Landing legs Heavy-duty telescopic fold-up landing legs
Rear roll 10" heavy-duty full-width roll set 1" above decking and three sets of support rollers
Centre roll (0) 6" Air Lift roll mounted between main rails for assistance unloading narrow skid; see options for location from rear roll and quantity
Outer roll (0) Pair of 8" Air Lift rolls mounted between inner and outer rail for assistance in unloading skids with rail widths between 6' 3" and 9' 2"; see options for locations from rear roll and quantity
Tie-downs Tie-down brackets on 16" spacing
Booster provision Provision for tandem-axle air booster complete with air and electrical connections
Hostler valve Brake release valve installed in sealed box
Grease manifold Remote grease lines for brake suspension components mounted on suspension pedestals
Cross chain Brackets in rear bumper for cross-chaining
Strobe lamps Truck-Lite LED strobe lamps mounted in rear light box assembly
Swing-out lights Front and rear of main deck complete with chain links and flag pockets
Mud flaps 24" black rubber mud flaps at rear of trailer and ahead of midship rolls and control boxes; full-width rubber belting located ahead of suspension area
Air system CMVSS-approved
Electrical CMVSS-approved with Truck-Lite LED sealed beam tail and clearance lights
Paint Cleaned, sandblasted, primed, and painted one colour


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