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2-Axle Booster 1016S Specifications

Description Specification
Capacity 45,000 lb.
Design T-1 fabricated frame, low-profile design with nine air bags; controlled with high-volume regulator and accumulator air tanks for equal pressure; frame has four-pin connection to fit Peerless torque tube adapters; D-rings for lifting unladen booster
Suspension Peerless rubber-bushed walking beam suspension
Axles (4) Self-steering axles, 16-1/2" x 7" brakes rated 22,500 lb., oil seals and damper on tie rods; Gunite automatic slack adjusters
Legs (2) Holland single-speed landing legs, two cranks, one each side
Light box Full width
Rig bunk Provision (only) for movable rig bunk
Strobe lamps Truck-Lite LED strobe lamps mounted in rear bumper complete with weatherproof switch
Sign pockets Pockets on back of light box for wide-load sign
Mud flaps Peerless 24" rubber
Air system FMVSS-approved; dual air controls for common air and regulated air; remote drain for air tanks; cover on air tanks
Electrical FMVSS-approved using Truck-Lite LED sealed beam lamps; four-prong long plug installed
Paint Cleaned, sandblasted, primed, and painted one colour



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