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16-Wheel Ramp Jeep 1009S Specifications

Description Specification
Capacity 45 tons
Weight Approximately 12,100 lb. (5500 kg)
Design Fabricated high-tensile steel, I-beam construction, 68" rail centres, narrow pick-up throat; gooseneck designed for tandem truck
Suspension Peerless 100,000 lb.-capacity Trunnion axle walking beam suspension, fully rubber-bushed
Axles (4) F22 25,000 lb.-rated Ingersol axles, 35" track, 16-1/2" x 7" brakes rated 22,500 lb., with type 20 air chambers, oil seals, dust shields, Haldex auto slacks
Fifth wheel Holland 3500, 24" air slide fifth wheel
Decking 2" rough fir decking on gooseneck
Dead roll Dead roll mounted at rear of gooseneck
Ramps Installed at accept rollers on Peerless gooseneck
Mud flaps Peerless 24" rubber
Air system CMVSS-approved complete with holster button and fifth wheel slide controls in sealed box
Electrical CMVSS-approved with LED lamps



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